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Déc 13, 2011 JEFBCreating

A new review of PianoPhone7 and ElectricPianoPhone7 appeared on MSN Russia. You can read it directly here : For those who do not speak Russian, auto-translated into English :

Music on mobile devices, simulators, have always enjoyed great popularity. Someone wants to experience new sensations of the game on the touch screen, someone wants to show off to friends and prove that he could play, for example, the « Moonlight Sonata » right on the mobile. And some enthusiasts are willing to fully and completely to rehearse on their favorite gadgets.

Entire freedom of action of an electronic program, and even installed on the phone, give, of course, can not, though, and gets you closer to the ideal. Nevertheless, the guys decided to make a firm JEFBCreating quality piano simulator for Windows Phone 7 – and they got it!

« Moonlight Sonata » on the Windows Phone 7?
Utility PianoPhone7, at the moment, is considered one of the most successful entertainment software category, it was noticed that even employees of Microsoft. The main plus of applications – in its simplicity. There are no complicated settings, just the screen with the usual keys, languishing in anticipation of fingering potential pianist.

Generally speaking, here are a few screens – still not the most trivial task, just to fit all the keys on a relatively small display device. Therefore, under each octave allocated a separate screen, and switching between them is carried out by the arrows in the upper panel interface. The program is optimized for multi-touch screens and Windows Phone 7.5 Mango as a whole. A comfort, excellent performance and sound quality make it one of the best in its genre.

By the way, there is another JEFBCreating similar design called the Electric PianoPhone7. Here, all the same, but, you guessed it, the classic sound of the piano is replaced by the same synthesizer. By the way, the program can simulate realistic sound patterns Rhodes MK1 and Clavinet E7. The interface is similar to the classic version PianoPhone7.

Interestingly, both programs are completely free! You can download them right now from Marketplace. Applications do not Russified and interface available in English only, but it should not become a big problem for the user. After transfer to them, in fact, nothing but the language of music – he is known to be one for all!

Download PianoPhone 7 :

Download Electric PianoPhone 7 :