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Oct 17, 2011 JEFBCreating

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For all you gaming enthusiasts who love playing games on the go, JEFBCreating has brought an all new gaming app for you. If all that you are looking for is some action and adventure, an all new labyrinth game awaits to be explored by you.

The game Maze7 is available as an app on the Windows Phone 7. Now you can play the game anywhere – while travelling, in the bathroom, at the coffee shop, and at any place where you can carry your Windows Phone 7. The game is pretty simple to play!

Let’s see what the game has in store:

Maze7, the classic Labyrinth game, comprises a steel ball and a total of five wood plates. The plot is absolutely simple and all you need to do is start with the blue zone. You will have the steel ball as your prop and you will have to aim to take it till the finishing zone.

Keep in mind to avoid saving yourselves from traps like fan and gravity. You will also find many holes, but be careful and continue to move ahead. The game is based upon the movements of your phone. You can move your phone, hold it in various directions, and tilt it as well to move the ball ahead. Keep on doing the same if you want to reach the finish zone. Don’t worry! It’s pretty simple and easy to play. A little concentration and the right spirit is all that you need to play the game.

The best part of playing the Maze7 game is that there is no price tag attached to it. Yes, the app is absolutely free and can be downloaded and installed from windows phone website.

Download, install and satisfy your urge for gaming. Maze7 is here to hypnotize you completely. Don’t forget to surrender to its spell…