e-LeD Me : New Review on 1800pocketpc.com

Oct 4, 2011 JEFBCreating

Direct link : http://www.1800pocketpc.com/e-led-me-free-led-ticker-app-for-windows-phone/23411/

e-LeD Me free is a free multipurpose LED panel, you can use it to type in your message and get it displayed on the screen like you see on a LED banner. The app offers 6 colors for you to choose from and have some other fancy options too, check out our video to get an idea of what the app can do.

e-LeD Me comes in an ads-Free paid version and an ads-supported Free version. The app has 3 section

  1. LED Ticker / Banner
  2. LED Arts
  3. LED Games / Tools

In the LED Ticker mode you type in your text pick a color and click go and the device will show you your message on a LED Ticker like display. You have the option to invert the color. You also have can use the app as a night stand with the clock mode , there is an option to use it under the lock screen. There is a wallpaper option in there as well I am not sure what that does. In the LED Arts section there are 38 different art work from smilies to turn right / left signals. Then there are a series of mini games ( 8 to be precise ) and 7 tools ( scoreboard, cointoss , etc ). Feature wise the app does not disappoint , it has got a lot of functions packed in to it but the menu is ghastly, some of the menu items are too small and can be a bit frustrating to use.